IT Basic Training Course

We also hold regular seminars where you can learn the basics of the IT industry so that inexperienced people can also build a career plan as an engineer.
・How to use shortcut keys
・Computer structure
・Basic terms
・What is binary
・Introduction to study areas required as a programmer

Business Etiquette Seminars

Even though an engineer has a strong image of a technical job, he must learn manners as a member of society.
I will teach you from one not to be ashamed of going anywhere!
・How to write an email
・How to receive a call
・How to pass a business card
・Net literacy

Programming Language Class

For those who are new to programming, create basic concepts and a simple web page and get in touch with the programming language.
f you are already knowledgeable, you can also receive advice on creating web pages and learn to edit images.

We have engineers working in various fields, such as PHP, infrastructure, and video editing.
Not only company-led, but also employee-led study sessions and workshops may be held.