We operate various latest IT information media centering on ROBOT MEDIA which is specialized robot information media.
We conduct web advertising business with the goal of being one of the largest owned media in Japan.
We have a media business that disseminates various robots and the latest IT technologies as articles in their own words.



We provide total production of web services from planning to design to operation.

WEB Solution Business

From HP planning to design and operation, we provide comprehensive consulting of Owned Media such as fulfillment and operation method of customer’s detailed requirements and attracting customers.

Production Results


SI Business

System Engineering Service

We provide solutions tailored to various needs in a wide range of fields such as development, operation and maintenance.

Corresponding Area

Help · Call Center / Operation Monitoring and Maintenance (24/365)

・Call support for major telecommunications operators
・Corporate iPhone / iPad help desk support
・Monitoring and failure handling of wireless devices for each public organization

Business System Development

・Development support for major banks (requirement definition-language: Java)
・Development support for airlines (detailed design-languages: VB.NET, Java)

WEB System Development

・Development, repair and operation of EC site for major mail order companies
・Samurai Character Portal Site Development

Media Site Management

・Media site operation, repair, article creation
・WEB Site production and renovation

Partner Agency

We are looking for SES business partners who want to grow together with a large number of orders from end users.
Currently, we are engaged in the partner agency business of the pharmacy work efficiency system and the delivery partner agency.
・Medical system distributor
・Training agency after system introduction


Together with the group company Robot Security Police, we are committed to the spread and development of robots and plan and develop various services generated from robots.
Currently, we are operating robot information transmission media and operating a robot mart, an unmanned convenience store.